Nanare Hananare TV Anime Shows its Spirit With New Cheerleading Visual

The girls of the original TV anime Nanare Hananare, produced by both P.A. Works and, finally show off their PoMPoMs cheerleading outfits in a concept visual drawn by the anime staff. Alongside the visual, the first advanced screening for the first three episodes of the series was detailed.

Each of the pompoms of PoMPoMs corresponds to the colors of each of the colors of the characters holding them.

The advanced screening will be held at Takasaki Electric Museum in Takasaki City inside Gunma prefecture on March 17. Voice actors Rika Nakagawa (Kanata) and Yuki Nakashima (Suzuha) will be in attendance. Tickets go on sale for the event on February 26.

Set in Gunma Prefecture, Nanare Hananare follows the daily adventures of six girls: Kanata Misora, an athletic girl who aims to win the national cheer-leading championship; Suzuha Obunai, a girl who uses parkour to get to school; Anna Aveiro, a half-Brazilian / half-Japanese girl who practices capoeira; Nodoka Ohtani, a girl who loves yoga and philosophy; Shion Tanazaki, a tall girl who performs rhythmic gymnastics; and Megumi Kaionji, a former cheer-leading club captain who is recovering from a serious illness.

Together, these girls form a cheerleading squad called PoMPoMs and strive to support one another despite their different skills, hobbies and personalities.

BanG Dream!franchise director Kodai Kakimoto is directing and writing the series composition of Nanare Hananare at P.A. Works with Tomomi Takada (Komada – A Whisky Family) drawing the original character designs, Kanami Sekiguchi (Hanasaku Iroha) adapting those character designs for animation and scripts from Yuniko Ayana (given) and Midori Goto (Attack on Titan: Junior High) alongside the director. The series is set to premiere in 2024.

Source: Comic Natalie

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